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Why is there a game card in my order?

Have you ever heard of Magic the Gathering? Thats the card in your order or the one in you hand right now! This card game is a game I love to play with friends, even tho I am not really good at it.
I wanted to let people know more about Magic because I like it. 🙂 The game itself is fairly simple, read all your cards really good and do what they say. Ofcourse there is much more to know about the game but since you only got one card i want you to discover some more. I also put one card in your order because of the art.
Every piece of art is awesome. I mean every card has its own art and all of them are just as amazing.
Yes, it is true that it is kinda a nerdish game, but why not give it a try?

My favorite card’s

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

She is my favorite character of MTG. Mostly of her background and story. She is a Moonfolk and already that is awesome! So I love this card because of the planeswalker not because the card is soooo good.

Her moonfolk, the soratami of Kamigawa, are a secretive and inquisitive race. Their knowledge of the metaphysical forces on their world is unparalleled. As a Planeswalker, Tamiyo sees each new plane as an unexplored treasure trove of knowledge to be brought back to her people’s great scroll towers. She maintains relationships with other planeswalkers across the Multiverse and trades stories from travel.

Read her story here.

Atraxa, Preater’s voice

Atraxa has to be in my fav. list. She is my very first commander. This deck contains 100 cards and is made with help from the Commanders Quarters. Go check them out at youtube! Still Atraxa is a very strong commander and still my most stongest deck! It works with counters, so if Atraxa attacts my other creatures become stronger aswell!


I mean…. The name?!
How could u not have this on your fav list! It is a HYDRA DOODLE. And a strong one to.
This card is sadly not allowed in my decks because its from Unstable. A set that magic made for fun.

Ilse Bouwmeester

My name is Ilse and on my website you will find stuff about graphic design, art pieces, games, and travel. All nerdy things you need!

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