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My watercolour palette

In this post I will take you on a tour through my watercolour palette.

It is my palette I literally always use. I got the tin from my dad and i believe it was one of the very fist times I went even in an art store. (The store is now one of my most favorite stores in my home town Breda) I don’t exactly remember for how long it got it now but that doesn’t really matter haha. It used to be a standard color palette from the brand ‘van Gogh’ but over time I obviously changed some things.

My old palette

This used to be my palette.

Those colours here are the most standard ones you got in the package.

My current palette

And this is how my palette is right now. I should probably change some things like colour placing or removing/filling my almost empty pans. Or just get rid of some colours and replace them with something entirly new!

I got some awesome paints from Danial Smith wich I want to add in my palette but.. yea.. call me lazy haha

Now… My colours!

Now let me tell you the colours that are currently in my palette! As you can see (or not, cus pic is not really clear..) Number 8 is really empty.. and I should replace it! Also number 22 is the only one with a magnet and numbers 4, 21 and 24 are 3D printed half pans. About half pans: Those 24 colours are all half pans!

  1. van Gogh –  Quinacridonerose
  2. Winsor & Newton – Cerulean Blue Hue
  3. van Gogh – 370 –
  4. Voyager Arts – Chalk Dark Blue
  5. van Gogh – 570 –
  6. Winsor & Newton – Dioxazine Violet
  7. van Gogh – 506 – Ultramarine blue dark
  8. van Gogh – 708 – Paynes Grey
  9. van Gogh – 254 – Perm. lemon yellow
  10. van Gogh – 633 – Perm. yellow green
  11. Aquafine – Olive Green
  12. van Gogh – 411 – Burnt Sienna

13. van Gogh – 224 – Napals yellow red
14. Daniel Smith – Bloodstone
16. van Gogh – 408 –  Omber Natural
17. Voyager Arts – Ultramarine purple
18. van Gogh – 108 – Chinese white
19. PWC – Bright violet
20. Daniel Smith – Zoisite
21. Studio Artisjok – Rose of Ellin
22. Blue Pine Arts – Pthalo turqueise
23. van Gogh – 661 – Turquoise Green
24. Studio Artisjok – Nepu’s Green


Ilse Bouwmeester

My name is Ilse and on my website you will find stuff about graphic design, art pieces, games, and travel. All nerdy things you need!

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