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Author: Ilse Bouwmeester


Greece Athens –  Real hidden gems and places you must see January 2023 So I went to Greece for the frist time! I went with my father to Athens for a city trip. We went on a couple of city trips before and we always want to get the most out of our time! We are not that into a vacation only...

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My guide for you to watercolour brushes Getting into watercolor is awesome! But what brushes are beste? What brush do you need? What is the difference between all the brushes and what about all the different kind of hairs? This guide will tell you the very basics of watercolour brushes. I will...

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Why I started watercolours

Why I started watercolour I started drawing a long time ago. Ever since i was very little I always wanted to draw on everything, but most of the timesit had to be as small as possible. I think i was at the age of 8 when I stared with drawing classes and continiut those until i was around 16. After...

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How do you make binder? Okay, so I am making paints from scratch and I wanted to do everything by myself. The first thing I wanted to know how was: How do I make a binder? In this blog i’m gonna explain how I make my binder for watercolor. I also will put in an recipe you can use for your paints&...

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My watercolour palette

In this post I will take you on a tour through my watercolour palette. It is my palette I literally always use. I got the tin from my dad and i believe it was one of the very fist times I went even in an art store. (The store is now one of my most favorite stores in my home town Breda) I don’t...

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Painting minatures

Getting into the hobby of painting miniatures Getting into the hobby of painting miniatures sounds easier than it actually is. Sure – you might have just bought your first Warhammer set, a board game with boringly greyish miniatures or started with D&D. Now it is time to give your miniatures...

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