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Player Pouch


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So you play D&D? And you want to play with real coins? I got you!

I love to play D&D but I always love to have things to hold onto. Thats why I made myself these coins. Now I can pay my DM with real coins and see what kind of money I still have left! These coins are self painted and 3D-printed. You can buy some silver coins, platinum or electrum, whatever you want!

I also sell some starter sets of coins you have a tiny bit of everything.

The Player Pouch is specialy created for low level characters who are just about to start their adventures and need some pocket change.
You will get a total value of 10gp.

7x Gold coins
4x Electrum Coins
9x Silver coins
10x Copper coins

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Wanna see more?

Wanna see more?

All my paints and some other items are handmade. I am based in Breda, Netherlands. Whenever you buy something you support my small business!

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